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Why Franchise Model

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Why Franchise Model :
  • Franchising is a way of expanding business, in which the franchisee is granted the right to utilize the franchisor’s brand (Name, logo, trademark) to engage in the process of Selling or distributing, the goods or services under the operating format prescribed by the franchisor.
  • In the present era of shrinking boundaries, scarce resources & increasing cost of capital, franchising is the SMART way of expanding beyond territories of influence


  • It’s an Inclusive business model of value creation across the business cycle, a win-win solution for the stakeholders involved.


  • Franchising is the Point of Inflexion for businesses/economy exhausting of capital resourcs


Business Expansion - Franchising, an Evolving method

It’s being heard more often, increasingly spoken of, widely present across sectors – Franchising today is an well known concept, virtually everywhere, is an Evolving yet very realistic way of Business expansion beyond territories of influence. For the new bees franchising is about lending the right to use one’s brand, Franchise Model Of Business,operations & marketing strategy in exchange of a royalty in a particular business territory.


In an emerging economy of increasing business potential & individuals seeking sustainable investments, franchising has emerged as a format to justify the expansion formula while making fair business sense for an aspiring entrepreneur. The criteria then, are to understand its nitty-gritty and its leverage over the conventional formats.


Key Advantages of franchising

Individual Investor:

  • Faster ROI: Aids in leveraging the business advantage of an established brand against the indefinite incubation period of setting up a new business


  • Franchisor support : Thoroughly mentored by the franchisor in its functions, necessary to establish an profitable business


  • Sustainability: Utilizes the benefit of Training & marketing campaigns to ensure quality & sustainable leads by the franchisor


  • Ease of Control: The format is operationally streamlined for effective control & teachability


  • Financing: More convenient due to brand image, structured operations & experienced success in comparison to an start up


Existing Business:
  • Ease of expansion: Franchising , easing the brand’s flight to newer markets, adds to the benefit & credibility of investment by the franchisee
  • Entrepreneurial passion: Franchise’s perform over & above an individual ownership due to the entrepreneur passion against having a manager led operations
  • Legal compliance: It takes into consideration the best interests of ensuring brand consistency, guidelines of brand usage, while thoroughly documenting financial commitments
  • Control & convenience: Franchising offers the best of system control for business monitoring while ensuring compliance of business functions


Quick Insights: Franchising though is an lucrative option, has to be speculated with an individual’s personality & ample market research - as one size doesn’t fit all.

While not every business can be franchised as it is, it requires skilled consulting at enabling the Franchiseablility of business before taking the flight.


The Team :

  • Expertise of a sophisticated team of Academicians, Operational experts & Attorneys with a regional exposure of over 40 years in Gulf. Offering hands on experience –
  • Proud in sharing success stories of consulting & development of regional brands
  • Insightful in gaining connect to the Cultural Integration & Local customization, a mandate to unleash a brand’s potential in Gulf
  • Strategic Outlook in spotting emerging business sectors, evolving consumption patterns & tapping the market potential
  • Humble in acknowledging Value creation to ever stakeholder involved among our projects

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Franchising Advantage :

Franchisor :

  • Opportunity to expand  beyond geography of Influence
  • Business Growth unrestricted to Capital, Human resource & Control
  • Potential of an Entrepreneur led business unit
  • Royalty of sharing the brand equity


Franchisee :

  • Advantage of owning an successful brand
  • Faster ROI over a new brand development
  • Assisted Training & Development by the franchisor
  • Leverage the marketing campaigns designed by the brand