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Requirements for Trademarks Registration

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A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application and it is renewable for similar periods.


A grace period of 3 months is allowed for late renewal with a fine. The renewal of a trademark is also published in the Trademark Journal and in two local daily Arabic newspapers. The renewal fees of a trademark registration can be paid during the final year of the protection period.



The ownership of a registered trademark can be assigned with or without the goodwill of the commercial enterprise. Unless an assignment has been recorded in the register and published in the Trademark Journal, the assignment shall have no effect vis-à-vis third parties. Changes in the name and/or address of the registrant must be recorded in order to protect rights. Registered user agreements, license and amendments which do not affect the identity of the mark substantially, limitation of the list of goods and/or services covered by a trademark registration can be recorded as well.



Use of a trademark is not compulsory for filing application for registration or for    maintaining the registration in force. However, any interested party may request the court to cancel a trademark registration, if the owner fails to use such a trademark in the UAE for 5 consecutive years from the date of registration.